April 2021 - Dr. Azhar Jabareen joins us as wet lab manager. Welcome Azhar!

March 2021 - Viviane presents work on ancient sediment DNA at the "Ancient Biomolecules of Plants, Animals and Microbes" conference

February 2021 - Itsik Dishon joins the lab as an MSc student. Welcome Itsik!

February 2021 - Viviane participates in the kick-off meeting of the ERC-funded "Quina World" project

December 2020 - We are hiring! Interested in joining us? See details here

December 2020 - Viviane presents her work on sediment DNA at the 2020 meeting of the Israeli Society of Evolutionary Biology

December 2020 - Viviane is a keynote speaker at the Computational Genomics and Systems Biology 2020 Symposium

December 2020 - Viviane is the keynote speaker of the ScienceAbroad & Teva Life Sciences Symposium

November 2020 - Viviane participates in the Virtual Workshop on Ethics in Ancient DNA Research

October 2020 - Viviane participates in the "Nurturing Women Scientist" event at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine (TAU)

October 2020 - Dr Alessio Gerussi joins the lab as a short-term visiting PhD student. Welcome Alessio!

October 2020 - Viviane starts the ancient DNA research group. Here we go!